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An alternate datastore backend for App Engine, implemented using BDB JE.

bdbdatastore is an alternate datastore backend for App Engine apps. It's far more robust and scalable than the one the development server uses, but not as big and hard to install as HBase and HyperTable based backends. bdbdatastore is intended primarially for use by people who want to host their own App Engine apps, and don't expect datastore load for a single app to exceed what a single server can handle. In the event your app gets too big for bdbdatastore, the migration path to an alternate backend is smooth.


Apache License 2.0


Nick Johnson


Nick Johnson (


Release 0.2.2 is now available! Here's the quick-start:

  1. Download the server.
  2. Run it with java -jar bdbdatastore-0.2.1.jar datastore, where datastore is the directory to store data in.
  3. Download the patched SDK with BDBDatastore support, or, for advanced users, download just the patch.
  4. Run dev_appserver with the --require_indexes --bdbdatastore=host arguments to tell it to use BDBDatastore.
  5. Profit!

Detailed installation instructions are available here.

If you want the source code, you can download this project in either zip or tar formats.

You can also clone the project with Git by running:

$ git clone git://